ASC OP and TAG to ISO TC172

Individuals and Organizations

Officially, organizations are members of the various standards committees, and individuals represent organizations. Any number of individuals from one organization may participate in the work of the standards committees; although, each organization has just one vote when casting ballots.

One individual may represent more than one organization.

It is also possible for one individual to represent himself. This category is designed primarily for retirees who no longer conduct business in the optics community but whose interests and experiences motivate them to remain involved in the process of writing standards.

Application for Membership

New members must indicate in which committees and subcommittees they wish to participate. Other items of information are also needed. Please jump to the application page and complete the form.

Membership Structure

Membership in a standards committee automatically grants membership in the OEOSC.

A multi-tiered system of fees was developed to balance the need for revenue (to cover the costs of administering the standards work) against the affordability and benefits of membership.

Higher tiers of membership include all the benefits of lower tiers.

The first tier, Individuals, contains the smallest fee. Individuals who represent themselves typically participate in all aspects of standards development except balloting.

The second tier, Companies, contains the smallest fees for organizational entities. Most business organizations fit into this second tier, which is further divided into six sub-tiers on the basis of size and therefore able to support the basic operations of the various committees. Second-tier members may participate fully in any or all of the standards development projects including the process of voting for, or against, draft standards.

The third tier, Other Organizations, contains Trade Associations, Professional Societies, and Government organizations. These entities have traditionally supported standards development as a part of their commitment to their members and to the public. In addition to the benefits of second-tier membership, third-tier members may publish their logos and place links on most pages of the OEOSC’s website.

The fourth tier, Sponsors, is designed for any organization that wishes to maximize its support for standards in optics. In addition to the benefits of second-tier membership, a sponsor may participate in the governance of the OEOSC, and publish its logos and links to its website on most pages of the OEOSC’s website.

Table of Fees and Payment

If payment of the participation fee will cause undue economic hardship, then a member may petition the OEOSC’s Board of Directors for relief from paying the annual fee. Documentation is required to support your petition.